SFist: DA Brooke Jenkins Has a Challenger This November, And It’s Someone Who She Once Fired

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This article was originally published in SFist

By Joe Kukura

Former SF Assistant DA Ryan Khojasteh was terminated by Brooke Jenkins shortly after her appointment in July 2022. Now, he has announced his candidacy to challenge her in the November 2024 election.

When San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins assumed her position in July 2022, one of her initial actions was to dismiss 15 office prosecutors. Among them was Ryan Khojasteh, a hire made during Chesa Boudin’s tenure, who attributed his dismissal to an SFGate op-ed advocating for the continuation of Boudin’s reforms.

Following his termination, Khojasteh penned a Chronicle op-ed titled “Brooke Jenkins just fired me and 14 others. I have no idea how the D.A.’s office will run without us,” showcasing his unwillingness to leave quietly.

Subsequently, The Chronicle reported Khojasteh’s declaration of candidacy against Jenkins in the November 5, 2024 election. He currently stands as the sole challenger, although a spokesperson for Jenkins confirmed her intention to seek re-election. Khojasteh intends to formalize his candidacy today.

In an interview with Mission Local, Khojasteh expressed the frustrations of the populace, citing concerns about safety and the desire for responsible city governance.

Despite being only 30 years old—a potential obstacle, according to Mission Local—Khojasteh may leverage factors such as the perceived increase in violent crime and drug-related deaths during Jenkins’s administration. He aims to strike a balance between public safety and reducing incarceration rates, potentially outshining Boudin in this regard.

Jenkins’s ethical controversies, including her criticism of judges for case losses and contentious decisions like the Banko Brown case, provide ample ammunition for Khojasteh’s campaign. Additionally, lingering doubts persist regarding Jenkins’s paid involvement in the Boudin recall, initially presented as voluntary.

Although Khojasteh’s prior political attempt, contesting Nancy Pelosi in 2018, garnered only 4.6% of the vote, he has secured endorsements from prominent figures such as former SF DA George Gascón, ex-state Senator Mark Leno, and former state Assemblymember Tom Ammiano.

While Khojasteh remains untested, young, and relatively inexperienced, he may capitalize on Jenkins’s vulnerabilities, given her imperfect candidacy.

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