Ryan Khojasteh is running for District Attorney because we need a new approach to public safety. The Mayor’s handpicked District Attorney has made public safety a battleground for political gain — but Ryan knows that when we put the tired political battles aside and focus on the evidence-based solutions, we will start making real progress toward a safer San Francisco.

As a Deputy District Attorney, Ryan understands what works.

Putting Prosecutors, Police and Prevention Experts Together Works.

Instead of pointing fingers at other agencies, Ryan will bring law enforcement and violence prevention teams together to implement the evidence-based solutions that will protect us and create lasting public safety.

Focusing on Violent Crime and Repeat Offenders Works.

San Francisco is currently facing an unprecedented backlog of cases — Ryan will focus our limited courtroom resources on vigorously prosecuting violent and repeat offenders.

Focusing on Prevention Works.

Ryan started his career working to get hundreds of kids back on track at San Francisco Juvenile Hall, so he understands that the extra effort to get people on the right track pays massive dividends for safety.

Sensible Juvenile Justice Works.

Much of Ryan’s career has been devoted to working to get kids back on track at San Francisco Juvenile Hall – and he will bring back the juvenile justice programs that worked.

Evidence-Based Drug Policy Works.

The Mayor’s handpicked DA has built a political career on pretending that arresting drug users, not drug dealers, will solve our city’s problems – an irresponsible and wasteful use of limited courtroom resources.

Supporting Victims Works.

Working closely with victims and survivors of crime should be a central focus and priority of the District Attorney’s Office.

Better Policing Works.

Having worked closely with our police officers as a prosecutor and community liaison in the DA’s office, Ryan knows that to improve public safety we need a well-trained, fully-staffed department that knows the communities they serve.

Holding Everyone Accountable Works.

Nobody is above the law. The District Attorney’s Office has a responsibility to prosecute any and all criminal conduct – including from law enforcement officials, government leaders and corporations.

De-Politicizing the DA’s Office Works.

The job of the DA is to keep us safe, address violence and find solutions – not appeal to a political base and wealthy donors. Ryan would never run an office that prioritizes political ideology over public safety.

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If you agree we need a better way on safety, join our campaign today!